Standard Models available are:

  • Flat Bed (Float)
  • Single Drop Deck
  • Double Drop Deck (Low Boy)
  • Extendable (Stretch) Option available for all drop & flat models
  • Coil Tubing Trailers
  • Other designs can be considered based on design review

Frame Structures vary with model design Popular frame options include:

  • 6” Structured side rail standard
  • Inverted 5th Wheel
  • Under Gooseneck
  • Multiple King Pin Settings on Same Trailer
  • Flip Neck
  • Draw Bar on Front of Gooseneck
  • Narrow Neck Gooseneck with Roller in Rear Center
  • Removable Gooseneck with Tapered approach on nose of bottom deck
  • Full width roller on rear of gooseneck
  • Frame width roller rear of gooseneck with heavy wall 1/2 pipes on outsides
  • Heavy Wall 1/2 pipe across top rear edge of gooseneck
  • Pop-Up Rollers in Bottom Deck 4 Beam Frames
  • 8-5/8” Tail Roller with Apron
  • 10-3/4” Tail Roller with Apron
  • Folding Landing Legs

Axle & Suspension Systems

Standard option 25,000# Axles with 25,000# Suspensions

Popular Options Include:

  • Multiple Axles Available
  • Axle Lift Kit
  • 30,000# Axles
  • 30,000# HT300 Suspension
  • 2 Axle Heavy-Duty Single Point Spring Suspension
  • Walking Beam Spring Suspension

Tires & Wheels

  • Continental Tires Standard in 17.5 size
  • General Tires Standard in sizes of 22.5” & 24.5” Low & Tall Profile
  • Michelin Tires Optional in sizes of 17.5”, 22.5” & 24.5” Low & Tall Profile
  • Other brands & sizes are available upon request
  • Steel wheels are standard on all models
  • Polished Alum. Wheels optional
  • Milled Alum. Wheels optional
  • Accu-Shield Wheels optional
  • Spare Tires, Wheels & Tire Carriers optional

Air & Electrical

4S/2M ABS system standard on all models with air to meet FMVSS

Popular Options Include:

  • Manual Suspension Dump Valve
  • Auto Dump when Set Park Brakes
  • Electric Dump Kit with Auto-Lockout installed on rear axle
  • Air Raise & Lower Valve in either Plastic or Aluminum box
  • P.S.I. Air Inflator System Axles
  • Crossfire’s
  • Pull Lanyards on Air Tanks
  • Air Weigh or Right Weigh Air Scale Systems
  • Liquid Filled Air Gauge

Grote wiring harness and lights are standard per model design to meet FMVSS

Popular Options Include:

  • Extra lights available per custom specifications
  • Strobe Lights
  • Backup Lights
  • Over Dimension Lights
  • Dual A&E—Glad Hands & 7-Way in 2 Locations
  • Aux. 4-Way Plug in Front Bumper with Harness
  • 4-Way Plug in any other location
  • Aux. 7-Way Plug in Front Bumper with Harness
  • 7-Way Plug on rear


1-1/8” Apitong is standard on 1/2” & less top flanges

1-3/8” Apitong is standard on 5/8” & greater top flanges

Popular Options Include:

  • 1/4” Steel plate over Suspension area, Apitong wood forward
  • 3/8” Steel plate over Suspension Area, Apitong wood forward
  • Steel plate in bottom of gooseneck
  • Steel plate on top of Narrow Neck gooseneck
  • Steel in lieu of wood floor

Popular Load Securement Options

  • Aluminum Winch Track
  • Winch Strap Rail under Cross Members
  • Sliding Winch
  • Weld-On Winch
  • 3-Bar Winch
  • 5/8” D-Rings
  • 9/16’‘ D-Rings
  • 1” D-Rings
  • Recessed Chain Ties
  • 1-9/16” Pin Pockets parallel with front axle & tail roller
  • 1-9/16” Pin Pockets welded along side rail
  • Round Pipe Pockets 4” I.D. x 15” with gussets
  • 3.5” O.D. x 50” Round Stakes
  • Folding racks for pipe stakes
  • L Type Chain Anchor for 4 beam trailer only

Popular Accessories & Misc.

  • Chains on axles
  • Axle Straps
  • Timber Rack under bottom deck
  • Tool Boxes, Aluminum or Steel
  • Belly Box

Pop-Up Roller

Rear Gooseneck Roller


Pipe Pockets

Custom Built for Heavy-duty Work

Black Gold™ with Dovetail

Mast Hauler

Five-Axle Removable Gooseneck Tail Roller

Oil Field Tail Roller

Oil-Field Coil Reel Trailer