U.S. General Services Administration Schedules Program

Doonan Specialized Trailer, LLC is pleased to announce that it has been awarded contract GS-30F-0011W in the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedules program. This GSA contract allows Doonan Specialized Trailer, LLC to sell 22 different trailer models with over 300 different options to federal, state, and local government agencies including the United States Military. These products will be sold through Schedule 23V under Special Item Number (SIN) 023-101.

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  • 482ABNICEAKB: Chaparral™ Dropdeck
  • 482MBOICCDKB: Platinum™ Dropdeck
  • 482MBCICCDKB: Diamond™ Dropdeck
  • 482DBCICCDKB: Black Gold™ Dropdeck


  • 482BBNLTTAKB: Chaparral™ Flatbed
  • 482OBOLTTDKB: Platinum™ Flatbed
  • 482OBCLTTDKB: Diamond™ Flatbed
  • 482FBCLTTDKB: Black Gold™ Flatbed

Mechanical Detachable Double Drop

  • 482QBBICOFCB: 60,000# RGN Lowboy
  • 482QBBICOGCB: 70,000# RGN Lowboy
  • 482QBCICNGCB: 80,000# RGN Lowboy
  • 482QBCICNHCB: 90,000# RGN Lowboy
  • 482QBEICMHCB: 100,000# RGN Lowboy

Fixed Neck Double Drop

  • 482SBBICOFCB: 60,000# Fixed Neck Lowboy
  • 482SBBICOGCB: 70,000# Fixed Neck Lowboy
  • 482SBCICNGCB: 80,000# Fixed Neck Lowboy
  • 482SBCICNHCB: 90,000# Fixed Neck Lowboy
  • 482SBEICMHCB: 100,000# Fixed Neck Lowboy


  • 482DBCICCJABX: Extendible Black Gold™ Dropdeck
  • 482FBCLTTJABX: Extendible Black Gold™ Flatbed
  • 482QBBICOFCBX: Extendible 60,000# RGN Lowboy
  • 482SBBICOFCBX: Extendible 60,000# Fixed Neck Lowboy

GSA Contract:

GSA Contract Period: December 4, 2009 – December 3, 2014
GSA Schedule: 23V
GSA SIN: 023-101
FSN: 2330
Cage Code: 0MPJ4

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