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Doonan has been building trailers in Great Bend, Kansas for over 40 years. As times have changed, Doonan has changed with them, and today is no different. Today, December 1, 2022, Doonan is announcing three key incentives that will fundamentally change the way it does business.

1) FLEX Hours – work when you want to work!
Starting January 1st, Doonan will be eliminating its antiquated attendance tracking system and implementing FLEX hours for all its hourly employees. The goal is to provide our employees the flexibility they need to meet the busy demands of daily life.

2) Pay For Experience – bring your seniority to Doonan!
Why should you start at the bottom of the wage scale simply for changing jobs? Bring those years of experience to Doonan and vault your way to the top of the wage scale.

3) Video Training – watch video clips with a purpose!
If you would rather watch videos on how to weld up 10 tons of steel instead of the latest cat video then you may have found your new home. With Doonan’s video training, you will understand the requirements of the job long before you lace up those steel-toed boots.

If you find these ideas interesting and are looking for a career in welding, production assembly, or material handling, contact Kameron Keener (kkeener@doonan.com) to set up an appointment. Or, simply stop by our location 36 NE Highway 156 Great Bend, KS 67530 to learn more.

Applicants may apply by using Indeed, email, or in person.

1. Applicants may use their existing resumes to apply through Indeed
2. Applicants may download a Standard Application and email it to Human Resource Coordinator
3. Applicants may apply in person, at the facility located at the intersection of Hwy 56 and Hwy 156 in Great Bend, Kansas in Building B.