Doonan® has installed forklift kits to haul many different brands of forklifts. Kits can be incorporated into the trailer design on Chaparral II™, Platinum™, Diamond™ & Black Gold™ models. Within each model, a wide variety of length and axle spread combinations can be achieved. This 47’ x 102” 90,000# GVR rated Doonan® Platinum™ trailer was the ideal model for the customer’s application, providing outstanding performance, while incorporating robustness, versatility and safety for the end customer. Click HERE to learn more.

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Unit 614326 – Platinum™ Mini-Double Drop

With a full 102-inches width and overall length of 53-feet, the Doonan® Platinum™ Mini-Double Drop can be constructed with a 6-13” deep well on a 40” rear deck height trailer (approximately 27”-34” deck height well); or, a 3-5” deep well on a 35” rear deck (approximately 30”-32” deck height well). Doonan’s custom frame design combines the advantages of a lightweight steel chassis (hot-dipped galvanized for superior corrosion protection and resistance), together with a durable extruded aluminum perimeter frame and flooring. The trailer boasts a load capacity of 90,000-pounds GVWR and 60,000-pounds concentrated in 10-feet to accommodate heavy hauls. Click HERE to learn more.


Unit 617203 – Black Gold™ Coil Haul Trailer

This 48’ x 96” trailer was developed specifically for hauling steel coils shotgun style (where the eye of the coil is facing forward), recessed inside a well. Designed with two outer perimeter beams with 1” x 5” top and bottom flanges, the trailer features a well opening in the center that measures 19’ long x 76” wide, with recessed concave beams to safely secure the coil load. Coils can range in size from something relatively small like 5,000 lbs. to over 60,000 lbs. Doonan’s flatbed Coil Haul trailer’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is 98,000#. The GVWR is based on a tri-axle trailer with disc brakes. The trailer is also designed to have a tarp system installed, so the coils are protected from the elements. Click HERE to learn more.


Unit 614810 – Black Gold™ Boat Trailer

Doonan’s advanced engineering and manufacturing processes were key in the design of this 48’ x 102” drop deck trailer, encompassing a 10’ top deck, V–type cross-members and a 5’ rear pull-out extension. The 90,000# GVWR rated trailer was developed to haul either a load of boats lying flat, or a stacked load, standing at an angle on custom racks that fit a specialized stake pocket design. Doonan’s innovative design incorporates a custom V-configurement at the rear of the top deck, and in the V’d center section of the trailer. This feature allows room for the hull of the boat to ‘set-in and seat lower,’ in order to stay under overall height legal requirements. Click HERE to learn more.