Doonan Flatbeds

Flatbed trailers are basic, but versatile, open trailers. They are ideal for hauling a variety of loads. Loading of these trailers is usually done by forklift from the side, dock loading from the rear, or by overhead crane. One advantage of the flatbed trailer is the maximum continuous deck space. Most flatbed trailers are between 45’ to 53’ in length and 96” to 102” in width, Doonan produces them anywhere from 24’ to 60’ in length and 96” to 114” in width. Additional lengths, up to 90’, can be achieved by purchasing an Extendible flatbed trailer. Typically, flatbed trailers have a maximum high of 60” at the front tapering to a standard dock height of 54” in the rear. This results in a maximum freight of 8’4”. If taller loads are required, a Drop deck trailer should be considered.

Flatbed Trailers are made of steel, aluminum or a combination of steel and aluminum. Generally, a flatbed trailers weighs between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds, but the weight can vary greatly depending upon the options installed on the trailers. Doonan offers hundreds of options for its flatbed trailers. While most flatbed trailers have a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (G.V.W.R) of 80,000#, the concentrated load capacity can vary greatly. The concentrated load capacity is the maximum weight the beams of the trailer can carry in a 10’ or 4’ section of the trailer. Doonan manufactures flatbed trailers with concentrated load capacities between 50,000 and 110,000 pounds. Other common names for flatbed trailers include Flats, Flat Decks, Floats, Oilfield Floats, and High Boys.

Chaparral II™

The Chaparral II™ flatbed uses a bolt together construction to allow for easy maintenance of floor boards, side rails, cross-members, front plates, and rear plates.


The Doonan Platinum™ flatbed combines the light weight bolt together deck of the Chaparral II™ with the light weight welded steel main beams of the Doonan Black Gold™ to create a combo trailer that weighs less than 8,835 pounds.


The Doonan Diamond™ flatbed is a combo trailer with an all-steel main beam, steel front & rear plates, steel cross-members, and 6” aluminum side rail.

Black Gold™

The Doonan Black Gold™ flatbed is the legendary basis for all Doonan products. It’s light weight all steel design combined with over 300 pickable options makes it one of the most versatile trailers on the market.

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